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Dr. Steemer

I called from a web search and sent them a chat for a quote. They called right back and scheduled cleaning with complete estimate th next day. They came today on time at 12 as scheduled. I had stains in some rooms but bad pet stains from an elderly dogs and wasn't sure they could save it. They had to do extra treatments to lift the stains which cost more than the basic quick $19 per room cleaning, which i already expected know my carpet. I also have heavy Burber carpet throughout the bedrooms which is harder to clean well. I was very satisfied and can't wait to see them dry and ready to go. I would recommend.

Mimi M.

Fort Lauderdale
Dr. Steemer

I have used Dr. Steemer twice and both times I have been very happy with the job he did. He cleaned many types of carpets and area rugs in my house. He was honest and up front about everything. His price was very fair and he stood by his word. I will definitely use them again.

Carroline S.

West Palm Beach
Dr. Steemer

I called Dr steemer I had a 3 room carpet and a big sectional sofa ... I had heavy stains on the carpets and a pet accident on the sofa . They responded right away with a 2 hour window. I was very satisfied with the results and their customer service. Highly recommended.

Jonathan I.

Hialeah Gardens

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