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Rug Cleaning Miami


Rug Cleaning Miami – Best Rug Cleaners in Miami

Rug Cleaning Miami


Searching for the best Rug cleaners in Miami? We bring many years of experience cleaning rugs in Miami. Our rug cleaners goal is to not only clean your rug, but to protect it from any future damages. For questions please call us today.

First step is to dust the rug with soft compressed air on the backside first pushing the drive particles impossible order source to the front then we flip the rug over and dust the front. Since there is an order most likely the cleaning process is going to require submerging in our washing pit, a similar process that is done in Turkey Persia and India. If we are not happy with the results use a special formulated degreaser.

We use a heavy roller to push the solution into the warp and weft (foundation). Now the rug is wet so we treat it with an enzyme to attack any protein sour smell. We wash both sides of the rug this was the we rinse it out. optional process if. Then flush rug out of old chemical. The goal is to remove odor if we have to repeat process we will.


We recently had our sectional and a 5 X 8 area rug cleaned by drsteemer and his team. Both had not been professionally cleaned since we last moved about 3 years ago, and the rug had a few stains I was unable to remove myself. Drsteemer gave me a couple of options for cleaning the items and quoted me a fair price for the job. He started work immediately and was done in about an hour. I'm happy to report that both the sectional and the rug now look nearly new and that the stains are gone from the rug.